About AVS Organic Foods

Specialising in Artisan Vegan Non Dairy Cheese & Food

AVS Organic Foods (formally A Vegan Smiles) is a business based in Victoria Australia that aims to create and provide tasty foods that are free from animal cruelty.

AVS focuses on non dairy cheeses using different techniques that include, culturing, ageing and fermenting. All non dairy cheeses are gluten free and organic and We are also keenly aware of the different dietary restrictions for many people so strive to make options that are nut free, soy free and fructose free.
You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy vegan cheese.

In getting the best tasting Vegan Non Dairy Cheese to you AVS are constantly innovating by testing new styles and making improvements, you can try any of the varietals yourself at the markets and festivals AVS attends multiple times a month. Click here for your closest one

AVS is a strong advocate for animal welfare and was founded on the desire to educate non-vegan’s that foods can taste great, even better without animal products, coupled with the frustration of the limitation in purchasing vegan friendly or dairy free products when out with family and friends.
Compassion and love are the strengths that we want to see in the future towards all of earths beings and we hope that you would like to take that path as well by reading our food posts and enjoying recipes linked to each post.


PRAA Rally March 2014

I have scanned the information I received from the PRAA rally with their permission. The information covers; 1. the kill rates across councils and who is responsible for these animals, i.e. mine is Banyule, they have a kill rate of 47% and are run through RSPCA and CPS! 2. template letters that can be sent […]