Awesome Vegetable Sausage Roll

Awesome Vegetable Sausage Rolls e380/400g

COLD GOODS – Awesome Vegetable Sausage Rolls are delicious meat free 'sausage' rolls that are awesome, tomatoes, vegetables, seeds and soy, they are very addictive.

Contains gluten and soy


Product Description

Awesome Vegetable Sausage Rolls

Delicious sausage roll substitute made by hand in Melbourne with Australian ingredients. See platter category if you are looking at party pack size.

Reheat at 180 degrees for 20mins or until golden brown

Ingredients: Puff Pastry[Wheat flour, Water, Vegetable oil, Antioxident (306), Salt, Antioxidents (330, 300), Emulsifiers (471, 322 from Soy), Natural colour (160a)], Lentils, #Soybeans, #Oats, #Onion, #Carrot, #Chives, Soy sauce[Soybeans, Rice, Salt, Alcohol from brewing], Chia seeds, #Garlic

Contains Soy & Gluten. May contain traces of Nuts & Sesame

#Australian products

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Weight .600 kg

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Awesome Vegetable Sausage Roll



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