Kindacheese Non Dairy Cheese Halloumi with Herbs 100g


COLD GOODS – This Non dairy cheese is a wonderful salty Halloumi substitute.

Slice to desired thickness and brush both sides\with oil, fry on high heat for approx 2 mins each side. Let rest for 2 mins or
longer for chewier texture. Garnish with fresh lemon or vinegrette.

No longer sold in a jar.


Non dairy Cheese

Salty, crunchy and very allergen friendly

Store below 4 degrees.
Ingredients : Water filtered#, *Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil, Modifed Tapioca, *Tapicoa, *Corn starch, *Rice, *Kiln Salt#, *Oregano 1%, *Himalayan Salt, Agar, Methyl Cellulose, Beta Carotene. *Organic #Australian product
May contain Sesame, Cashew, Almonds and Soy.
FODMAP Friendly
Made in Australia with local and imported ingredients.

95% organic

Additional Information
Weight .400 kg
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