Kindacheese Non Dairy Cheese Muenster Smokey 130g organic


Muenster: Hand made in Australia with local and imported ingredients, this smooth and velvety non-dairy cheese offers the perfect blend of well-balanced mild and creamy flavours. Its light colouring and texture makes it the perfect versatile option for both your platters and cooking. Being both light and soft, it is ideal for melting on your pizza’s and pastas. Organic, gluten, nut and dairy free it is available in both original and smokey flavours.

Muenster Smokey: With a sharp, rich flavour our non-dairy, hand-made smokey muenster offers an excellent balance to your cheese platters. Buttery and smooth in texture and robust in taste, the full, well rounded flavours and mature aroma make it perfect to enjoy with crackers or mixed through a pasta dish to give it that smokey touch. Muenster is organic, gluten, nut and dairy free is also available in original.



Contains soy, Fodmap Friendly


Non dairy Cheese Muenster

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