Non Dairy Cheese Soy, Lemon, Chives and Dill 100g Organic


COLD GOODS – Full of flavour and firm in texture this delicious cheese brings a zesty freshness and its citrus sweetness pairs perfectly with its bite. With a rich aromatic fragrance, and unique colouring, it is ideal for pairing with crackers or a crusty bread. Hand made in Australia our Lemon and Dill is organic, gluten, nut and dairy free.

Contains soy


Non Dairy Cheese: Soy, Lemon, Chives & Dill


Additional Information
Weight .200 kg

Made in Australia with local and imported ingredients.

95% organic
* Denotes Organic
# Denotes Australian Made
^ Denotes Spray Free

Ingredients: Water*, Soya Bean*, Yeast [Dried Yeast, Niacin (B3), (B2), Vitamin B12], ^# Fresh Lemon, Miso [*Soya Beans, *Brown Rice, Sea Salt, Water, Koji Spores], *Sesame, Chives, Agar, *Agave, *Garlic, 1% Dill

Nutritional Information

Ave Qty Per Serve Per 100g \
Energy 100kJ 500kJ
Protein 2.0g 9.8g
Fat, total 1.4g 6.8g
– saturated 0.3g 1.2g
Carbohydrate 1.0g 4.8g
– sugars 0.2g 1.0g
Sodium 27mg 137mg

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