I have discovered and become obsessed with the marvels of the Pressure Cooker.

Would you like to explore with me in my vegan cooking classes and learn new ways to use your Pressure Cooker or try several types to help you make your first Pressure Cooker purchase?

Register for one of my classes and lets have some fun.

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Pressure cookers are excellent investments for many reasons.

If you are time poor, money poor (saves a lot on gas/electricity due to reduced cooking times), if you want to cook something that would usually go in the oven but you don’t want to put the oven on because it is a hot day, if you are environmentally conscious, or even if you are just into one-pot cooking, then the pressure cooker is for you.

Any recipe that can usually take a long time to cook on a cooktop eg. bean dishes, stews, soups, cakes is ideal for pressure cooking and many a great meal has been made in our household; you will be very surprised by what you can cook in a pressure cooker!

Vegan Lasagne



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