Frequently Asked Questions

Are AVS products 100% vegan?

AVS products are 100% vegan and 100% vegan owned.

Products are created in a purpose built facility that caters for vegan and gluten free productions.

What are the ingredients?

AVS products are very focused on being allergy friendly; they are made with a wide ranges of ingredients including soy, nuts, seeds, starches and coconut oil.  You can find many products that exclude certain ingredients that will suit your dietary needs – nut free, soy free, nightshade free and or low fodmap by using the FILTER BY DIET option in the shop section.

Where are your ingredients sourced?

Ingredients are sourced as close to ‘home’ as possible with a preference to Australian Organic or Spray Free. AVS is conscious of carbon miles and prioritises local options.

I have an allergy to… can you help?

AVS is Vegan and Gluten Free, AVS is proud to have many options for people who have allergies, in the SHOP section of the website you can FILTER BY DIET.

Most products have all ingredient details as part of their listing; those that don’t will be soon updated.

Do any AVS products melt?

Kindacheese Muenster Original and Smokey are exceptional at melting and are used often on pizza, toasties and casseroles. The Mediterranean Feta is also a very good option for melting.

Can you freeze Kindacheeses and other products?

The AVS Kindacheese and product range freeze very well, just make sure if you want to freeze lines that come in jars to remove from the jar first and put into a freezer safe conatiner.

How should I store AVS products?

Storing directions are on each product, however the majority kindacheeses once open should be stored covered in cling wrap or an airtight container.

Most Kindacheese products can also be stored in the freezer.

What are the shelf life?

The minimum shelft life of AVS Kindacheeses are 3 months from manufacturing up to 12 months.

Most Kindacheeses can be frozen to extend their use by date up to 6 months.

My Kindacheese grew mould, what should I do?

Although it is extremely rare for AVS products to grow mold if stored correctly please follow the below;

If your product is unopened and before its best before date and has mold, please take back to your place of purchase for an exchange or refund; or

If you product is opened, stored correctly and within the suggested time of consumption and has mold, please take back to your place of purchase for an exchange or refund.

Where can I buy your products?

We have a large group of wonderful partners in small and medium businesses and would love it of you could support us all by shopping with them in store or their online portals; this latest list will give you details of places closest to you OUR PARTNER STORES

If you cannot see your favorite store please please please ask them to get AVS products in for you; its very easy and usually only takes a couple of days to set up an account and get into store. We will be so please to make a new partner with a local Australian business and spread more vegan gluten free options.

Lastly you can order directly through our website if you cannot get to a store yourself DELIVERY OPTIONS

What are delivery options?

Please go to DELIVERY OPTION page for more detail for you area.

What is AVS doing about food safety?

AVS is a HACCP certified facility and make every effort to keep our customers safe from allergen cross contamination and spread of viruses.

Entry into the facility is by aurthorised persons only – Temperature checks, hand sanitiser and shoes disinfected.

Entry to the production floor is for employees and health inspectors only; full protective clothing is provided – disposable gowns or protective allocated clothing, hair/beard nets, face mask, gloves and goggles as needed, in addition it is a requirement in all food facilities to wash hands on entry and regularly throughout shift and operate in a safe manner at all times.

Please feel free to make contact to discuss specifics anytime via the contact page.