I have scanned the information I received from the PRAA rally with their permission.
The information covers;
1. the kill rates across councils and who is responsible for these animals, i.e. mine is Banyule, they have a kill rate of 47% and are run through RSPCA and CPS!
2. template letters that can be sent to your council asking them what they do, specifically for me after yesterday I wish to know what effort they put in to find pet owners after hearing that many councils don’t even have microchip scanners on hand and wont work with re-homing services
3. information on PRAA

Yesterday was a real eye-opener just how great a chance that my “family” would be killed if they were to be considered skittish or even just got loose from their home even though I pay rates and fees specifically for the council to ensure there are safe guard processes in place for my loved ones.

Please just a small amount of time needs to be invested to make sure the council members know that this is important to us doubled with the fact that many don’t even know their own councils kill rates are so high; and as they may have companions as well I am sure they would be shocked as much as we are.
Thank you

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