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Search for vegan friendly Vegan Restaurants & Eateries in Australia.

We love helping people find great Vegan Restaurants & Eateries to eat with family and friends that are vegan friendly. Most listings are around in Victoria however there are many being collected for the rest of the nation.

Please let us know if you find a great places so we can share it with everyone 🙂

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  1. I have a few more for Adelaide.
    Vego and Lovin’ It (vegan), Bliss Organic (vegan), Joy Discovery (vegan friendly), Two-Bit Villians (vegan friendly), Cherry Darlings (vegan), and The Fakery Bakery (vegan), also there’s another Zenhouse in the CBD

  2. On smith street there’s a few more that have options. Wabi Sabi and vegan meals clearly labeled and is amazing, social studio I believe has scrambled tofu and vegan options, grumpys green has vegan options, the kebab place on corner Gertrude and smith has vegan falafels hummus vegan chilli etc we often go and ask for vegan dish they are really helpful with ingredients etc. Pabu japanese has vegan dishes and I also heard that peko peko and easy tiger can offer meals but you have to ask, I’ve never tried these ones though.

  3. Hello! We’d love to be added to the list if possible? It’s 100% veg, where mostly everything can be made vegan. Many thanks in advance! xx

    From the Art: ethical handicrafts and cafe
    3 Yertchuk Ave, Ashwood VIC 3147

  4. Hi. Bombay Street Kitchen is an Indian Street Food restaurant in Glebe. They have a great range of vegan and vegetarian options with a separate vegan/vegetarian menu and even a vegan desssert! Licensed too. Great place to take omni friends and partners.

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