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17 thoughts on “Stockists & Markets”

  1. Hi Melinda, That’s fantastic that you are becoming a vegan. I thought I’d mention a great little cafe in Frankston called Aum Shanti. They sell the most amazing tasting vegan food. They are located on Nepean Hwy almost opposite from that fast food place with the big yellow M. Enjoy your journey! 🙂

  2. Hi there,
    Will you be stocking in Geelong again? I recommend trying Surfcoast Wholefoods, they have a big store in Torquay with cafe and a smaller store in Geelong off Pakington Street 🙂 I have ulterior motives, I want the caramel sauce!! 😉

    1. LOL it doesn’t look like we will get into the market we want next month so we will have another go at Newtown where I will bring my sauce. I will check out torquay, thank for that.
      Would be super if you let them know about us next time you are there 😀
      Have a great day.

  3. I bought your product Kinda Cheese at the Warrandyte market this month. As I have been DFsince June I am missing my cheese, this has helped. I would like to access your product in Adelaide. Are you considering using any stockists in Adelaide. We have a few distributors in the central market that would match your philosophy. Any ideas how I can access your range


    Maryka Spurling-Janes

    1. Hi Maryka, I am so glad you like Kinda Cheese. We don’t have a stockist at the moment in Adelaide, however if you can suggest one we can follow it up. It also helps when customers recommend us to stores too.
      Thanks so much and have a great weekend,

  4. We need a stockist closer to the Mornington Peninsula. There is a little fruit shop cum deli in Bentons Square , Market Life Grocer, that stocks some vegan products. Would be great if I could try them locally.

  5. I recently tried your blue cheese ! Wow!!!
    I ate the whole thing, my Omni partner tried it too and was impressed, I have already spoke to my local go vita to get some stock in, fingers crossed

    1. Yes I did just the same ate it all with an apple after buying it from The Cruelty Free Festival in Sydney. Where can I buy this near Kiama please?

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